Pritesh Walia

Pritesh is a Fusion Guitar player who currently resides in Los
Angeles,CA was born on April 2nd 1994 in New Delhi ,India where he
started playing guitar at the age of 13 when he started taking classes
for indian classical music at his school as that was the only music
education available to him,in later years he could see his attention was
drawn more towards Western styles of music so he approached some music
teachers in his locality to learn more.
Pritesh Walia 1
He bought his first acoustic guitar when he was 13 and finally moved to
an electric at the age of 15 where through the help of his teachers and
friends he made it to the western music school band as a rhythm Guitar
player. When he turned 17 he was already the lead gu​itar player for the
band and has taken part in a lot of inter school competitions where he
won the best guitarist, best band etc gaining exposure in the Delhi Music
scene at that time.

Once he graduated from high school he decided that he wants to learn
more about music professionally and academically .So he applied to the
prestigious Music School located in Los Angeles,CA called Musicians
Institute where he got in with a “Steve Vai Scholarship” and has a lot
of articles about him posted online like

At Musicians Institute Pritesh studied contemporary styles of music in a lot of different
genres like jazz ,fusion ,funk ,blues ,country ,rock etc,he has had the
honour and privilege of studying under people like Scott Henderson
,Allen Hinds,Dave Hill,Russel Ferrante,Dan Gilbert,Carl shroerder,Carl
verheyen ,Dean Brown to name a few and has been lucky enough to meet all
of his idols and inspirations .

Pritesh primarily considers himself to be a Jazz Fusion guitar player,he
graduated from Musicians Inst. in the March of 2014 with an AA degree
in Guitar performance and is currently enrolled at Berklee College of
music where he is currently studying to get a BA in Music specializing
in performance and Jazz composition.

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