Eugene Berger

Eugene Berger is a professional composer, guitar player, song arranger, guitar teacher, and music producer who developed his strong passion for guitar when he was 12 years old. Berger, who was born in 1967 in St. Petersburg, Russia, began his musical studies at a young age. He learned how to become a classically trained violinist and graduated from one of the most competitive and best schools for gifted children.

Berger uses his excellent pitch and technique as well as his strong knowledge about music theory to better understand how to use and play the guitar. With his passion and dedication for what he is doing, he consistently won the first prize for all the city competitions for young electric guitarists that he has participated.

Since the age of 17, he toured much of Europe and Russia with the band he started. Due to his accurate and precise performance, versatility, rich tones, and advanced technique, Berger has been hailed as one of the most highly respected musicians of his generation. He continued to inspire people with his music and played in various bands even when his family moved to Tel-Aviv, Israel in 1992.

Eugene Berger never stops improving his skills. He always strives to develop another aspect of his career. Aside from becoming an arranger and studio guitarist, he also produced several albums for various artists specializing in different styles. He also becomes a dedicated guitar teacher who develop his own unique method to improve hand synchronization and finger velocity.
As proof of his competence as an effective guitar teacher, some of his students have become professional guitarists who played in bands and orchestras in Israel, Europe, and the United States while others have been accepted to the Academy of Music in Jerusalem.

With his deep knowledge and experience in playing guitar and guitar equipment, there is no wonder why Eugene Berger continues to gain recognition in the music and entertainment industry in different parts of the world.


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